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The ISAACTM: Intelligence System for Advanced Analytic Computing

ISAACTM is a value-based care performance management analytic system that enables entities at risk for the healthcare dollar to: optimize risk-based contracts; reduce medical loss ratios; improve the cost and quality of their healthcare delivery system; and affect patient population management at scale.

ISAACTM applies actuarial methodologies to contract prices and utilization data to provide highly accurate and predictive performance models, and to prescribe financial, network, clinical and care location performance improvements that will affect thousands of patients and save millions of dollars.

ISAACTM is used by payers, providers and self-insured employers to:

ISAACTM uses historical and recent medical claims data, contract data, utilization data and other data. It is tightly focused on predictive and prescriptive analytics at the level of clinical pathways, and ultimately exports to a "Playbook" to guide operational planning and accountability around execution.

On average, ISAACTM improves enterprise performance from between 10% and 20% of the total cost of care.