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Network Management

ISAACTM network management provides the full set of cost, quality and utilization analytics required to improve network performance, create value-based contracts, optimize referrals, and reduce out-of-network patient care.

Unlike other analytic applications that base physician performance on fee schedules, ISAACTM bases physician performance on the total cost of care, both within and across clinical pathways. It utilizes comparative economics to identify how physicians are performing relative to their peers and calculates the value of moving performance to the mean or better.

ISAAC can also be used to create smaller, higher performing networks by carving out physician groups in geographic areas and creating risk-based contracts associated with reducing cost variability and improving MLR.

ISAACTM network performance management is used to:

ISAACTM also provides network performance monitoring and identifies opportunities for continuous quality improvement. Typically, ISAAC finds 15% of total cost of care in savings opportunity.