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Christian Nickerson

Executive VP & Chief Product Officer

Mr. Nickerson brings to Cedar Gate his passion for leverage advanced analytics and mathematics methodologies and solutions to enable healthcare delivery to be transformed from an art to a science.

Mr. Nickerson has successfully envisioned and led enterprise changing innovations that have helped small, large and start-up companies realize new markets opportunities to gain critical mass with early business offerings. He has extensive experience across multiple industries including health care (14yrs), finance (4yrs), real estate (4yrs) and insurance (2yrs), ranging from venture capital start-ups to Fortune 50 companies. Most recently, Mr. Nickerson held a position at Medco Health Solutions, a Fortune 50 company, where he was integral in the design and implementation of their technology modernization and business transformation efforts. During this time, Mr. Nickerson also helped steer a new presence in Europe by delivering new clinical intelligence offering in Germany. Prior to Medco, Mr. Nickerson was CEO of a start-up company in Princeton Junction, NJ where he developed a new consumer model for real estate investment and a counter financing vehicle for large real estate projects. Mr. Nickerson also played significant roles in Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield, Dresdner Bank Germany and Mr. Nickerson received his BA in Mathematics and BS in Physics with honors from the Susquehanna University, PA.